I was born when the original Star Trek was new.  I grew up watching Star Trek re-runs on channel 13.  I fantasized 
about being one of the officers and even the Captain of the Enterprise.  My parents supported this dream and bought me 
the Star Fleet Technical Manual and the Enterprise Blueprints.  I studied these for hours, days and weeks in anticipation 
of becoming a Star Fleet Officer. I thought to myself "How old is Captain Kirk?"  "Will starships like the Enterprise be built 
by the time I am in my 30's"  When you're 8 or 9 years old, 20 to 25 years looks like a long time. In high school, I watched 
the space shuttle program with great anticipation.  Unfortunately the US Space Program was literally a long way from
reaching out to the stars.

Well in 2001 luck was with me!!  I was able to live my dream on Star Trek Voyager as a featured extra. 
As you can see from my uniform, I was a Star Fleet Officer reporting to Captain Janeway.  I was on for one episode
called "The Void".  I primarily assisted Nelix in the galley and was featured falling and getting up after the
ship was attacked by an alien vessel.....  Truly a life long dream come true!!!!  I want to thank the producers, cast
and crew for all of their support
.  It was extremely fun and exciting. .Here are few pictures from the set,
dressing room and wardrobe.   Hmmm... maybe I'll get to meet William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy someday.




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